Exceptional designers and installers of indoor and outdoor lighting and decorations for

Christmas, parties, weddings, Presidential Inaugural Balls...or any occasion!



The owners of this beautifully decorated home did not climb ladders in the cold, hang from gutters, untangle wires, hunt for burned-out bulbs or deal with the hassle.  We did! 


     The King of Christmas(TM)

    1.  Provides all lights and decorations

   2.  Sends insured, experienced  installers

   3.  Installs and hangs everything!

   4.  Takes it all down after Christmas

   5.  Cleans-up any mess

   6.  Stores all of it until next season


   Enjoy gorgeous, hassle-free, spectacular results!

christmas light installation buisness, the roof line is decorated with frosted white,  C-9 (large bulbs), the columns are wraped with green garland and white mini lightys, the trees are trunk and canopy wraped with various colors of mini lights



Mid-Maryland's most experienced, reliable and trusted Christmas light installer since 1996.

We have designed, created and installed eye-catching Christmas and decorative lighting displays

for homes, Presidential Inaugural Balls, weddings, fundraisers and more.


 We're PROUD!  80% of our clients invite us back year-after-year!


The King of Christmas(TM) will illuminate and beautify your home while you just relax and enjoy the magic we create



Call 301-668-1002 for a free in-home consultation and estimate OR   >   >   >   >   >

We'll visit your home and create a custom design in less than an hour
Our obligation-free quote will include:
            Design ideas discussed
            An installation and removal schedule  

When we do your installation, we will:
  Send fully equipped technicians with all supplies and installation materials
  Install all Christmas lights and decorations...either yours or ours as you wish
  Before we leave, we will explain how the lights work, where power sources are located and circuits are being used
We'll return in when you are to remove your display

email: info@thekingofchristmas.com

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