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The King of Christmas is a custom-installed lighting company dedicated to delighting our customers with outstanding customer service while continuously supporting our professional franchise owners to develop and maintain a staff of licensed, well-trained and courteous employees.

Wouldn't you like to be The King of Christmas where you live?

The King of Christmas an ideal franchise for landscapers, painters, pest control and construction professionals during their "slow" season.

The King of Christmas

...keeps you, your crews and equipment "busy" from September/October through January/February.

The King of Christmas

...provides the business opportunity, tools and know-how for you to succeed in this "growth" industry.

The King of Christmas a unique, fun and - best of all - unforgettable brand name!

The King of Christmas

...can be your "Full-Time Job"  for 4 months each year while you do whatever you want during the rest of the year!


The King of Christmas provides a brand name, web site, 3-5 day "hands-on" franchisee and installer training with manuals, professional marketing and advertising materials, business planning ideas...virtually everything you need to be successful.

Our New Owner Training Program covers:

  • How to market your business, generate leads and attract prospects.
  • How to turn prospects into customers, using The King of Christmas™ sales program.
  • The essential elements of excellent customer relations.
  • Provides opportunities to "pick the brains" of our corporate marketing and sales team.
  • Numerous design and installation techniques and technologies
  • Employee training with instruction manuals for your technicians
  • And much more!

The King of Christmas exclusive geographic territories are available.  Flat rate initial investment and yearly franchise fees are available with no royalties or percentages.  Call or email us with your request for more information. 


                     Business Insurance *                                         Tools         

                     Marketing and Advertising Expenses                 Ladders

                     A Truck or Van (per crew)                                  Installation Materials, Electric Cords, Lights, etc.


                            * We require proof of liability and Workman's Comp. Insurance (varies by state)

Please phone or email us with franchise inquiries.  We will be happy to talk with you as time permits but will be extremely busy until February.  We will be able to provide you with better service and more information at that time.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Ron Layman

CEO/Founder - The King of Christmas

FYI - We installed over 13 miles of lights - more than 200,000 bulbs in all - at one of the 2008 Presidential Inaugural Balls!  THAT was a job!


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