Exceptional designers and installers of indoor and outdoor lighting and decorations for

Christmas, parties, weddings, Presidential Inaugural Balls...or any occasion!


We have decorated Presidential Inaugural Balls, Weddings, Parties, Fundraisers and Homes



The King of Christmas has been designing, creating and installing

spectacular, eye-catching Christmas and event lighting displays


We love to collaborate with our clients to create design ideas

that exceed everyone's expectations!

"How much will it cost to decorate our home?"

No houses are the same, there is no "one price fits all.

House size, roof height, the quantity and sizes of trees and shrubs

to decorate, the number and kinds of lights you require, etc.,

are just some of the many factors that can influence the cost. 

Christmas light installation using icicle lights and mini lights on the trees

Here's all you need to do:  
1. Call 301-668-1002 for a free estimate
2. We’ll visit your home and create a custom design in less than an hour
3. We’ll provide you with a No-Obligation Price Quote
4. You decide!
Here's what we'll do:  
When we come to install your custom design, our trained, fully-equipped insured technicians will:
1. Bring all supplies and tools
2. Install our Christmas lights or your working lights - your choice
3. Post-installation, we'll explain how the lights work, the location of power sources and circuits are being used
4. ...And we'll be back in January to take it all down and store everything until next year!

We offer every kind of holiday & event lighting - You have lots of choices      


Rooftop Icicles - Rope Lights - Twinkle/Minature/LED Lights

Roofline, Window, Doorway, Canopy & Awning Outlining

Walkway, Path & Driveway Outline Illumination

Stake LightingLighted Wreathes of All Sizes

Garlands of All Sizes and Colors

Tree Trunk & Branch Wrapping

Sparkling Trees & Candy Cane Trees
Vibrant Displays for Large Pine Trees
"Snow" Covered Trees


Shrub & Bush Lighting

Spotlight & "Color Wash" Lighting

Synchronized Lighting & Music

Yardscape Lighting - Dramatic, elegant, fun and exciting yard

     displays - Want Santa's sleigh and reindeer on your roof or 

     Frosty and his family in your yard?  We can create unique 

     displays just for you.

Do you want to send a special message?  We can fabricate and 

     light your message using a variety of materials.We also design and decorate the interiors of homes, offices restaurants, stores and other businesses.



email: info@thekingofchristmas.com

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